Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Christmas is not cold enough. Lowest temperature 21 degree Celsius. Christmas eve must be cool. at least at night. 21 degree is not enough. Now it is 11:30 PM. I still feel very warm in my room. I joined the carol group from my parish. But could not finish it. I had to quit it after 2 hours of walking - my legs were not allowing me to walk more. Now going to go to church for the holy mass. Time to leave...

MTHSSK get together

MTHSS Kaprassery 2002-04 Physical Science batch had a get together today at my house. We contacted almost everyone... but only 14 guys came up. :-( MG University has exams now. So, most of the bujjis and gals were busy with their studies. Anyway, we had a good time today. Chatted a lot... and had lunch at hotel Royal, Aluva.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's project time again...

It's time to start working on the main project. Jithin, Kiran, Ambily and Sunil are in my group. We are going for something big - working in Linux kernel for the first time. We are gonna implement BSD style 'Swapout Clustering' in Linux. It is a better paging mechanism. None of us have previous experience in kernel.

We all got books on 'Kernel Programming' and started reading it. But I don't know how many of us will read it in this Christmas vacation. Jithin upgraded his system to Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz and Geforce 8600GT. So, he will be busy with his games. I think he is playing 24hrs a day. He finished crysis in 1.5 days.

I am busy with my cousin's wedding. So I don't think I will get lot of free time. hmm... no idea when we can start the project and when or whether we can finish it. Yet, I have lots of confidence with me. :-)

Trip to Illithodu

Illithodu.... wow! what a cool place!!! Like to go there again and again...

Last Tuesday, the boys gang of our class went to Illithodu, a place near Malayatoor in Ernakulam Dist, Kerala. The main attraction there is river Periyar flowing through the forest. We have to walk a bit through the forest to reach the river.

I couldn't see much people coming there. It may be because it is a dangerous place. Some people died there some time ago and last week, there was a cyclone. But these didn't stop us from going there. I had some hesitation to go there. But after the trip, I realized that it would have been a great loss if I didn't go there. Furthermore, this was the last tour in my BTech life :-(

The trip was all fun. From the beginning to the end. We first went to Malayatoor "thazhathe palli" and prayed to make our journey safe and entertaining. Then wen went to Illithodu and stopped near a Toddy shop. Please don't call us drunkards. It was just to eat "kappa & erachi" and to drink some kind of water we get from there. Pavam piller... alle? Here are some of the gang:

Then we went to the forest. If you have to see the beauty of plants and trees, you have to go to a forest. I can't express it in words...

The river was splitting to many branches. In some places, the water was almost still and in some other places, it was a little fast and in most of the parts, it was flowing very very fast. I took some photos using my friend's camera. Here are some random shots:

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Yahoo! offer letter and treat

Yesterday, Kurian and I got our offer letters from Yahoo! and all four of us got lunch buffet at Casino Hotel. Rohit, last year's Yahoo buddy, came with the offer letters.

See the pic. It says "Handle with care. After all your big future is inside". It was a box and there was an LDR and microchip inside it and it said "Yahoooooooo!" when opened. There was the offer letter, a very long NDA and a black T-shirt.

The treat was awesome. A buffet of 375 bucks. Here are the pics at Casino.