Sunday, May 11, 2008

Best of luck to Yahoo! Interns

Jithin and Vineeth reached Bengaluru(I too started using the new name) yesterday and their internship will start tomorrow. Best of luck to them. And I am sitting here having nothing to do. No... I have things to do... I started downloading movies(after reading IMDB reviews as Syam used to do) :-) I am gonna be very busy from tomorrow onwards.

I will be joining Yahoo! on 28th July(most probably) as Kurian also selected that date. So, we have about 3 months. I know I wont get such a long vacation in the near future. Have to utilize it wisely. I resumed working in RentACoder and now taking only Perl projects. Best way to get used to Perl. I need to learn Bash scripting too. Now I know only some bits and pieces of shell scripting. Jemshad bhayya used to say "read 'man bash'". Yeah, I am gonna read it for the first time.

I am also interested in Python. But no use of it in Y!. So not stepping into it now.

Eagerly waiting to hear Y! experiences of both Jithin and Vineeth... :-)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Back from dead

Hi friends...

It's been a long time since my last post. I was very busy with exams and some personal matters. So many tensions in my head and I was not in a mood to write anything. :(

Now, everything cleared up and I am back to action. :) S8 exams are over, except of course the back papers. :) So theoretically, I am now a BTech. But Practically, not! lol. Being a graduate is a great feeling. But leaving college is not. I didn't make many friends; I made a few very good friends. Leaving them is unbearable. Hmm... have to leave, hoping to bump into each other (in Kiran's words) again.

I have 3 more months before joining Yahoo!. What should I do? Take care of my body (:D)? Sharpen my Linux skills? I have no idea. Btw, I installed Ubuntu hardy Heron and PC-BSD 1.5.1 in my system. Will talk about it later... bye...